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Lord, Be My Compass

Dear Lord, be my compass

As I journey on

My trust is in You Lord

For You’re never wrong

With You in the picture

I know I’ll succeed

With Your hand to guide me

I know You will lead

In the way I should go

And the path I should take

Please guide all my steps

And each move that I make

Whichever direction

You’d have me to go

Please help me to follow ~

Help me to know

For You are my Captain

And focus of faith

My Alpha and Omega

On You Lord I wait

To run on without You

I’m certain to fail

Like a ship on the sea ~

Without a firm sail

O shine on my path Lord

Each day and each night

Surround me, O Saviour

With heavenly Light

I’m trusting in You ~

My joy and my song

O Lord, be my compass

As I journey on

--oOo-- © 2013 Christine V Mitchell All Rights Reserved

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