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Perfect One

You opened the door of life to me,

Your light of love shone through.

You offered me a hand to hold

and peace I never knew.

Never before could I have dreamt that love like Yours existed, but on the day that You came in, I knew I was accepted.

Deep down within my heart is stored

a well of thanks and praise

that rises up when I think about

the wonder of Your ways.

The Perfect Shepherd You have been,

I’ve seen Your hand of care.

The Perfect Friend in everything,

Who’s present everywhere.

The Perfect Light along my path,

the One Who guides my way;

the Perfect Source of strength and hope,

through each and every day.

Without You Jesus in my life,

I’d never have made it through;

for Yours is the love that stands the test,

it’s perfect, pure and true.

I pray this love will shine, O Lord,

so someone else may see

that there is life, that there is hope

in You eternally.

---o0o-- © 2014 Christine V Mitchell All Rights Reserved

Also published in “Forever Grateful”

(available from Amazon)

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