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Christine V Mitchell is a published poet and writer. She lives in London, England. She is inspired with numerous poems which reflect the comfort and hope that she has found through her faith in God and the Lord Jesus Christ. In January 2014, she published her first book of poetry, Forever Grateful - a collection of inspirational poems of praise, love, adoration and gratitude. Her second book, Comfort & Hope published in November 2014, is full of loving poems of comfort, with words of healing and encouragement for the broken-hearted and any going through difficult seasons that may overwhelm.


Her poems of faith have touched many hearts and been a source of hope and reassurance. She gives glory to the Lord for beginning this work in her heart. Her books are available from Amazon and via other retailers and online bookshops.  She enjoys sharing some of her work online through her Facebook poetry pages, her poetry blog and an online writers workshop. Her greatest joy is knowing that in some way her poems have been a blessing to others. She also writes poetry on other life themes and for special occasions.


Christine is married to Frederick Mitchell (Pastor). They have been blessed with a family of 4 wonderful children (all grown), two lovely daughters-in-law and 3 amazing grandchildren. If you have been blessed through her poetry, she would love to hear from you. See contact page or feel free to post a review on Amazon. God bless you! :)

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Sharing God's love through inspirational Christian poetry 

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