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(former name Expressions Poetry)


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CVMitchell Creations is the website of Christine V Mitchell and is about sharing what God has placed on her heart to uplift and encourage. Christine believes that God has given all of us gifts to share to bless others, in one way or another and is thankful for the opportunity to be able to share with you. Her prayer is that you will be blessed as you browse her website.

Take a moment to browse Christine's ... 

View a collection of uplifting faith-based poems on themes such as Assurance, Faith, Comfort, Hope, Encouragement. 
and much more
Image by Jonas Jacobsson
Learn about Christine's books of inspirational Christian poetry 
(available from Amazon).
These can be enjoyed or
given as a gift.
A personalised service
with attention to detail, providing you a professionally-designed order of service booklet
at a reasonable cost.
You can request a personalised poem for that special occasion: birthday, wedding, funeral celebration, etc. which can be framed or sent as a PDF 
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Poetry Service
View uplifting faith-based poems on themes such as:
  • Assurance
  • Faith
  • Comfort
  • Hope
  • Encouragement

and much more!
In times of bereavement, it can be hard to focus on putting together a funeral order of service. Christine offers a personalised service with attention to detail, provi-ding you a professionally designed booklet at a reasonable cost.
Learn about Christines books of inspirational poetry, avail-able from Amazon. Her poetry is centred on her faith in Christ and is written to bring encouragement and comfort, as you journey through life with its many challenges.
Image by Jonas Jacobsson
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CVMitchell Creations

Sharing God's love ~ inspired from above

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