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Welcome dear Friends!


Thank you so much for stopping by to visit my website. I praise the Lord for this opportunity to be able to share with you what He has placed in my heart and inspired me to write. As I reflect on the precious love of God, love that caused him to reach out to mankind, through His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, love that offers every person a brand new start ~ I am constantly amazed. He is awesome,  glorious! I enjoy sharing His love through my poetry.


In these trying times in which we live, facing things we have not seen or heard of before, every human being needs hope. There is so much that is crumbling around us, we need an anchor for our souls. In all the ups and downs of life, the Lord's love is unceasing. He is faithful to His life-giving word.


You will find here on my website samples from my poetry collection, poems of love, praise and adoration, as well as comfort, hope and encouragement, written to bless and uplift you in your journey of life and faith.

As the Lord blesses me, I hope to soon expand the sharing of my poetry in other formats also, by grace of God.


Whatever may have happened yesterday, or yesteryear .. always remember - there is hope in the Lord. I pray that your heart will be comforted and uplifted today. 

God bless you richly!

Christine V Mitchell

~ Pure ~

Pure, sweet and holy love

Matchless, wholesome, free

Strong, yet gentle as a dove

God's love for you and me


© 2016 Christine V Mitchell

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